Compulsory tax representation after Brexit

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Compulsory tax representation after Brexit – Deadline until 31 December 2022

The designation of tax representative by natural and legal persons who were registered in the tax and customs authority database on 31 December 2020, with address in the United Kingdom, may be held until 31 December 2022, without penalty.

Such appointment is mandatory in the following situations:

  • if they have an employment contract in the territory Portuguese;
  • If they do an activity here on their own;
  • If you own a vehicle or property registered or located in Portugal.

Alternatively, they may accede to the electronic notifications and citations scheme on the Finance Portal or to the e-mail box.

Failure to comply with this legal imperative implies penalties, which can range from 75€ to 7.500€.

How can Moneris help?

With enormous experience and know-how In the monitoring of companies operating across borders and non-habitual residents or foreign nationals residing or operating in Portugal, Moneris may be its partner in this context of new obligations and procedures arising from the entry into force of the bilateral agreements between the EU and the United Kingdom, one of the main Portuguese affinity markets.

We provide tax representation services to dozens of companies and individuals, ensuring bilingual monitoring and a very particular knowledge of the British market.

Contact us: | 210 316 400.

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