CEO Christmas Message

We’re in the final stretch of another very positive year at Moneris.

It has been a year of strengthening our image and positioning, which convey a comprehensive, dynamic, global and innovative view of our organization.

It was a year of investment in a digital transformation agenda, which allows us to be at the forefront of automation solutions and will have a continuity and reinforcement in the coming years. It’s been a year of betting on our people.

The recognition of our talents and the merits of our professionals, through mobility and growth programs, the creation of a wide range of benefits, the strengthening of investment in training and specialization, or initiatives and events are some examples of our commitment to all of you.

But in these last days of the year, it is above all important to prepare for the future. A future that we anticipate with many challenges for the profession and for people.

As you know, this digital age is bringing about a transformation in some professions, including accountants and financial advisors, human resources and management.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics are enabling increasing comparation of compliance, declarative and repetitive or routine services.

At Moneris, we are aware of this enormous challenge and are committed to accompanying our people in their appreciation and personal and professional transformation.

So that we are always at the forefront, with motivated professionals, involved with the organization and prepared to meet the demands of the market.

This time of year also represents a festive season, which we dedicate to our families, our friends, to our people.

And our people are also our customers, partners and friends, and especially our employees, who day-to-day make Moneris an extension of their family.

We hope to continue to count on your confidence to grow together, innovate together, go our path to many successes together.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a determined 2020 winner.

Happy holidays!

Rui Pedro Almeida Administrator | Ceo

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