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In response to the current increase in production costs, resulting from the variation in energy prices and rising inflation, some measures were presented yesterday to support businesses and the social economy, which go through credit and financing lines, support to gas-intensive industries, programs for qualified training of workers, internationalization, among others.

Learn about the guidelines of this Extraordinary Business Support Plan:

1. Strengthening support for gas-intensive industries

  • Enlargement to the agri-food manufacturing industry
  • Maximum support: €400,000 > €500,000
  • Support rate: 30% > 40%

2. Credit line in response to rising costs

  • Companies affected by energy prices, commodity prices and supply chains
  • Mutual guarantee, with a term of 8 years and a capital grace period of 12 months
  • Execution from the 2nd half of October

3. Support for energy efficiency measures and acceleration of the energy transition

  • Industrial decarbonisation
  • Renewable energy production
  • Emission reduction
  • Running from 1 October

4. Support for qualified training of workers

  • Optimization of production times
  • Support to training in the work context
  • Immediate execution

5. Support for internationalisation

  • Strengthening the international presence of companies
  • Access to new markets
  • Execution in September

6. Social Sector

  • Funding line for IPSS or similar non-profit entities
  • Financial contribution in the face of an increase in the value of gas
  • Execution in October

7. Tax measures

  • Temporary suspension of ISP and carbon tax on natural gas used in electricity production and cogeneration
  • Increase of IRC in 20% of expenditures on electricity and natural gas; fertilizers, feed and other feed for agricultural production activities
  • Extension of the extraordinary professional diesel mechanism (GPE) until the end of the year
  • Extension of the temporary reduction of the ISP applicable to Agricultural Diesel until the end of the year
  • Immediate execution

8. Other measures:

  • Extraordinary financial support for the road freight sector
  • Price review in public procurement – extension
  • Training and requalification in green skills

How can Moneris help?

In the coming days it is predictable that this information will be deepened and the measures released yesterday will be implemented.

Moneris 360° consultants are available to help clarify these and other exceptional measures in place, and will be prepared to support your company or social sector entity at this stage, finding the best management solutions for your reality.

Contact your Moneris manager or use the usual media: | 210 316 400.

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