Business Support – Extraordinary Training Plan

For companies that have not used the previous simplified lay-off benefit, they can access extraordinary support forpart-time vocational training by complying with a training plan that must comply with certain requirements.

This measure aims to maintain their jobs and the strengthening of the skills of their workers, in in order to act preventively on unemployment, supporting the training of workers without occupation in productive activities for considerable periods, when linked to undertakings whose activity has been severely affected by COVID-19.

Support extraordinary to be allocated to each worker concerned is supported by the IEFP, I. P., and is granted on the basis of the training hours attended, up to the limit of 50 of illiquid remuneration, with the maximum limit of the RMMG (635€).

To this end, the employer shall communicate to the workers in writing the decision to initiate a training plan and the foreseeable duration of the measure, immediately sending information to the IEFP, I.P., accompanied by a statement by the Administration and certificate of the Accounting Officer Certificate.

Training Plan Requirements:

  • Be implemented in conjunction with the entity, and it is up to the IEFP, its organization, and can be developed at a distance when possible and the conditions allow it;
  • Contribute to the improvement of the professional skills of workers, whenever possible by increasing their level of qualification, and contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the company;
  • Correspond to the qualification modalities provided for under the National Qualifications System;
  • Its duration shall not exceed 50 of the normal working time during the period in which it takes place;
  • The minimum number of trainees to be integrated into each training action is defined by agreement between the IEFP and the employer.
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