Article by Pedro Neto in the J.E. European Funds Guide

Pedro Neto JE scaled

Pedro Neto, Partner of Moneris writes in the specials of the Economic Journal about community funds this year and their challenges.

“The main challenges focus, on the one hand, on ensuring that its implementation effectively has practical results in the economy and in society, that is, that they are applied in activities that promote the creation of jobs and value, which are, in essence, and mostly leveraged by companies.
On the other hand, and from what is known from the past (poor implementation of European funds), it is essential, once and for all, that effectively agile and swift processes are promoted…

Pedro Neto, Partner of Moneris

“… with regard to the application of the approximately EUR 31.1 million allocated to Portugal, where EUR 15.3 billion is lost, and so that they can produce structural and continuous effects on the economy, they should favour a greater component, than is defined, …”

Pedro Neto, Partner of Moneris
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