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Are government support provided for self-employed workers?

Yes, two supports. Namely:

Support extraordinary financial activity to the reduction of economic activity

Due to workers who meet the following conditions:

  • be covered exclusively by the self-employed scheme;
  • Not being a pensioner;
  • have had a contributory obligation for at least 3 consecutive months for at least 12 months;
  • Be in a proven situation of total stop of its activity, or of the activity of that sector, as a result of the outbreak of COVID–19

A declaration of his own, on a commitment of honour, or of the certified accounting officer in the case of self-employed persons in the organised accounting scheme shall be submitted.

The value of the support is that of remuneration recorded as a basis for contributory incidence, with a ceiling of EUR 438.81 (1 IAS).

Support financial statement is due from the month following that of the application, for a period of one month, extendable monthly, up to a maximum of 6 months.

Deferral of payment of contributions

Contributions will always be even when you are receiving financial support.

However may request their postponement until after the cessation of support. In such cases they must be paid from the second month after the termination of support and may be paid by means of a benefit agreement, within a maximum period of 12 months in monthly and equal instalments.

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