Are additional work limits also applicable?


The limits for the performance of overtime or supplementary work shall be suspended,
regardless of whether it is an individual employment contract or an employment contract in
public functions to employees of the following entities:

  • All organs, agencies, services and other entities of the Ministry of Health;
  • Security forces and services;
  • National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority;
  • Armed Forces Hospital (HFAR);
  • Military Laboratory of Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (LMPQF);
  • Institute of Social Action of the Armed Forces, I. P. (IASFA, I. P.);
  • Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services (DGRSP);
  • National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, I. P. (INMLCF, I. P.);
  • Authority for Working Conditions;
  • Private social solidarity institutions, non-profit associations, cooperatives and other social economy entities that carry out essential social and health activities, including health services, residential or reception structures or home support services for vulnerable populations, the elderly and people with disabilities.
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