Applications open – COMPETE 2030. Business Training

Applications are open until January 31, 2024 for COMPETE 2030 – Individual Business Training Cluster

With a maximum support rate of 70% non-repayable, the main objective of the Individual Cluster Business Training program is to support the training of assets – entrepreneurs, managers and workers – for innovation and competitiveness, through specific qualification for reorganization and improvement of management skills, reinforcing their productivity.

Eligible competitiveness clusters:

  • Footwear and Fashion Cluster
  • Automotive Cluster
  • AEC Cluster – Architecture, Engineering and Construction
  • Sustainable Habitat Cluster
  • Textile, Technology and Fashion Cluster
  • Cluster PRODUTECH
  • Engineering & Tooling Cluster

Eligible training areas:

  • Circular economy, sustainability and environment;
  • Digital economy, digitalization and Industry 4.0;
  • Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG);
  • Productive, technological and organizational innovation;
  • Internationalization: online sales, communication and digital marketing;
  • Artificial intelligence applicable to various business areas;
  • Among others.

How can Moneris help?

Moneris has a vast team of specialists, capable of assisting you from the framing of your project to the moment of training.

On the one hand, in the Corporate Finance area, we maintain a special focus on Community Incentives, with a specialized team that accompanies numerous companies in their applications for structural funds.

On the other hand, Moneris Academy has a deep knowledge of the business fabric Portuguese making it a reference partner in training, with a wide range of trainers with a strong technical specialization and pedagogical aptitude.

This is the opportunity to leverage your company’s human capital knowledge and drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

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