Extraordinary Support for The Reduction of Economic Activity

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Extraordinary Support for the Reduction of Economic Activity Self-employed workers, entrepreneurs on behalf of individual and Members of statutory bodies.

The electronic form to apply for Extraordinary Economic Activity Reduction Support for the month of August is available on Direct Social Security (SSD) since August 20th.

This support now includes self-employed persons, individual entrepreneurs and members of statutory bodies, as well as self-employed workers who are also covered by the Employees scheme and do not receive, in this scheme, a value greater than 1xIAS (438.81 euros), and who are not pensioners.

It is no longer possible, as a condition of access for managers and managing partners of micro and small enterprises, whether or not they have a stake in the company’s capital, entrepreneurs on an individual basis, as well as members of the statutory bodies of foundations, associations or cooperatives with functions equivalent to those, which are, in that capacity, exclusively covered by social security schemes, the rule of turnover of less than 80 thousand euros , just if there is a drop in billing of at least 40% in situations of abrupt and sharp drop in activity.

Applications must be submitted through the personal area reserved on the Direct Social Security website by September 6, and the applicable option should be chosen:

  • Employment Menu » Extraordinary support for the reduction of the economic activity of Self-Employed;
  • Menu Employment » Extraordinary support to reduce the economic activity of Managing Partner.

A new submission period for applications for support for previous months will be opened in September.

How can Moneris help?
It is essential at this stage to assess the state of the art, plan the resumption of activities with all necessary adjustments, implement safety and public health measures, resort to the incentives and extraordinary measures being created, adjust business plans, treasury plans, business plans and restructure the entire company’s strategy.

The experience and knowledge of a team of crisis management,which can look at the potential of its business from a macro perspective, and that can add value to its financial operation, its labor management, its ability to obtain financing, can be an added value in this context that we live in.

Contact us by email gestaodecrise@moneris.pt or on 210 316 400.

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