AIP Study on Mergers & Acquisitions of Companies

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In order to respond to the needs of companies and contribute to greater effectiveness in the implementation of Mergers & Acquisitions operations, Moneris developed for AIP – Portuguese Industrial Association a benckmarking study on “Mergers & Acquisitions. Acquisitions – Resize and Grow.”

By developing this concept, the IPA intends to generate a notion of added value that can be induced by the Mergers & Acquisitions processes, by contributing to companies becoming more robust and competitive and at the same time enhancing the launch of a pilot program to support F&A operations in the Centro and Alentejo regions and serve as good practice and national reference, in the framework of implementation of the FINTRANS initiative of IAPMEI.

As part of the implementation and dynamization of the Mergers & Acquisitions – Resizing and Growing project, The AIP selected the Moneris group to provide expert consultancy in the field of questionnaires, seminars and other dissemination actions, and in the preparation of a manual to synthesize the main concepts, methods and techniques related to mergers & acquisitions operations, which can be used by entities wishing to carry out concentrations of business activities in the under this project, with the perspective of acquirers or acquired and, at the same time, serve as a guide for companies wishing, in the near future, to view this type of operations as a possible decision
for its growth and competitiveness.

The intervention of the Moneris group also supported the entities that wanted to join the project, through the analysis of its economic and financial information, culminating in the preparation of an evaluation report of the company that allowed the establishment of a value range to assist entities in the implementation of their business processes, be understood, merger or acquisition operations, in whole or in part, of companies.

This project was developed by a multidisciplinary team of Moneris, specialized in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions, one of the areas that has known a more significant growth in the group and that has deserved our continuous strategic bet.

Moneris Technical Team

  • Rui Almeida, CEO / Managing Partner
  • Pedro Neto, Director Moneris Academy
  • Hélder Beça, Director Mergers & Acquisitions
  • João Gomes, Evaluations Director
  • João Nunes, Assistant Manager
  • Jorge Pires, Director and Coordinator Fiscal Technical Committee
  • Liliana Moreira, Legal Advisor
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