Privacy Week at Moneris

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On the day of International Data Privacy Day, Moneris begins a week dedicated to the themes of privacy and data protection.

Over the next 5 days, Moneris will explore topics of great interest and timeliness in this area, focusing on the European context and the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

The Celebrations of Privacy Week at Moneris also include the offer of the GDPR Compliance Diagnosis for the first 20 companies to register here. Through this diagnosis, you can contextualize the risks and opportunities to improve your organization in the processing of personal data.

New Guidelines in 2021

In this newsletter, we give you a note of the first 2021 guidelines of the European Data Protection Committee, which share practical cases on data breaches, with the aim of helping Data Protection Officers (DPO) and data data handlers to identify, analyse, manage and assess risks and measures to be implemented in various types of breaches data.

A breach of personal data shall be notified to the CNPD and the holders of the personal data affected by the breach if it may result in a potential risk to the rights and freedoms of the data subjects. It potentially has effects at various levels on individuals and businesses, which can result in physical, material and non-material damage. With the generalization of telework and the progressive digitization of all sectors of activity, both accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the increase in cyberattacks and, consequently, the increase in personal data breaches has been very significant.

Ransomware attacks, exfiltration of personal data, risks and errors of human origin (by former employees, or by accidental transmission of data to third parties), stolen and lost devices or documents, postal shipping errors, are some of the areas of risk addressed in this document that reflect the experience gained by data protection authorities after the gdpr application.

These guidelines, which are now in public consultation, are important guides for companies and organizations in the correct adoption of technical and organizational measures to prevent and mitigate the impacts of these threats brought by various types of personal data breaches.
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How can Moneris help?

At a time when the protection of personal data and cybersecurity go hand in hand, it is important to conform your organization to the new rules imposed by the GDPR in a systematized and holistic way.

Implementing control tools and specific procedures for the management and protection of the data of your customers and employees requires not only a comprehensive knowledge of the new legislation, but also a technological and cybersecurity aspect, essential to ensure the conformation and security of your organization.

Therefore, Moneris brought together a team of experts and partners, with proven experience and know-how, to build turnkey projects that cover all relevant areas with a process designed to suit each company, taking into account the specificities of each organization.

Take advantage of our special Privacy Week offer at Moneris and benefit from our GDPR Compliance Diagnosis for free if you’re one of the top 20 to sign up.

We are available through the contacts: | 210316400.

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