You're safe. Insurance from your company.

Risk and unpredictability are part of everyday life. Because each person or company has different protection needs, we analyze, design, implement and manage insurance solutions tailored to them – from traditional risks to emerging ones.

The complexity of the current context in which companies operate brings constant challenges that require a global and integrated response to manage and mitigate the risks to which they are exposed and that can threaten not only their competitiveness, as well as their own continuity.

Whatever your company’s challenges, or the economic climate in which you operate, we guarantee the most advanced protection for your business.

We have a personalized approach. We understand your business and assess, on a case-by-case basis, the risk of each client.

Only in this way can we design adjusted protection solutions that respond to the multiple risks it faces – financial, legal, operational and environmental.

Whatever its size or sector of activity, we assess the risks of its operations and guarantee the best coverage for your assets, employees and responsibility.

How can Moneris Seguros be relevant to your business?

  • Following the entire cycle of risk management, from the identification and analysis of risks, to the definition of measures that mitigate their impact, and to the design and customization of insurance program coverage.
  • Ensuring the protection of your assets, results and responsibilities (including those of directors and administrators).

Knowledge and experience

Originating in Moneris and its network of offices located in different geographies of Portugal, Moneris Seguros is part of the MDS Group. Moneris Seguros is based on Moneris' deep knowledge in companies of all sizes and various economic activities, combined with MDS's 35-year experience in the Portuguese insurance market. With a team that analyzes the protection needs of each client, Moneris Seguros understands their challenges from an integrated perspective and, therefore, the solutions and services it presents respond adequately to the inherent risks, ensuring the necessary protection systems.

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