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Workshop “Finance for non-financial” at startup Portimão

Carlos Rosa, coordinator of the tourism skills center of Moneris, was yesterday at the startup Portimão to guide the workshop “Finance for non-financial”, with the aim of porporting to non-specialists the understanding of the language used by financial and accounting.

This workshop aims for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and managers to better frame the accounting tools in their management acts.

StartUp Portimão streamlines several free training initiatives and sessions.

These initiatives/formations are directed at all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who wish to develop their idea, project or business, and who have an interest in deepening and developing fundamental themes to put into practice in their company.

StartUp Portimão,integrated in the Business Center of Portimão, is an incubator that differentiates itself by its infrastructure and location, in the middle of the Algarve’s international racetrack, and for being directed to the “smart cities”, in the areas of energy, mobility, tourism, governance and quality of life.

Our tourism competence centre supports this and other initiatives.

Our competence centres allow us to think proactively in the most varied markets and in their trends and challenges.

We have assembled a group of experienced and skilled professionals in industries and sectors, to develop integrated and specialized solutions that respond to them.

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