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Tourist Analysis Report – September 2017

In September to December 2017, the main indicators for tourism activity show a trend of constant improvement.

The overall income of hospitality in the last quarter of 2017 amounted to EUR 1,068.4 million, representing an increase of EUR 155 million compared to 2016.

The occupancy rate per room was 83.5% in September, 73.1% in October, 55% in November and 43.4% in December, representing growth compared to the same period in any of the months analyzed.

Revpar fluctuated between €70.1 in September and €28.3 in December, with a significant increase from the same period in 2016, especially in the typically lower-demand months.

The Tourist Balance achieved a positive balance in the period under review, recording homologous growths between 22.9% in December 2017 and 31.3% in November 2017.

Thus, Moneris’s Tourism Skills Center has developed a model of support for specific management for the sector, which serves as support to managers and market agents, for conscious and informed decision-making.

Moneris Tourism Skills Centre develops its activity in the main global geographic markets with globally interconnected multidisciplinary teams.

A leader in providing professional services to the Tourism sector globally, Moneris works with most leading companies and key players in the sector in the domestic and international markets.

In this way, moneris’s Tourism Skills Centre team is prepared to give the maximum quality and breadth to the projects it carries out, providing its customers with the elements necessary for informed business decision-making.

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