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Tourist Analysis Report – April 2017

The Tourist Analysis Report presents information on international and national economic framework and context, based on information from various sources, namely the World Tourism Organization, Eurostat,the International Monetary Fund, Banco de Portugal and tourist arrivals to Portugal.

April recorded approximately 5.1 million slept in the hotel that represent an increase in 23.2% compared to the same period in the previous year, 73.5% of foreigners and 26.5% of nationals. The number of guests increased by 20.2% compared to the same period of the previous year, settling at 1.9 million.

The overall income of hospitality totaled EUR 267.1 million, 72.1% for housing and 27.9% for the remaining Income. In absolute value translates into an increase of 60.2 million euros compared to 2016.

The occupancy rate per room stood at 72.2%, i.e. improved by 8.5 percentage points.

Revpar posted an increase of 29.8%, settling at €46.2 million

The number of guests from abroad reached 1.2 million with a growth rate of 22.2%. It was found to be decline in the Netherlands market (-3.9%) growth in remaining markets in particular in Spain (76.8%) and in the brazil (67.5%).

Approximately 3.7 million guest sleeps from abroad were recorded, about 22.1% growth. Spain’s market grew by 102.5% and Brazil’s (61.0%), the Netherlands market fell by 2.6%.

Tourism Competence Centre

Our Tourism Competence Centers allow us to proactively think about the most varied markets and their trends and challenges. We have assembled a group of experienced and skilled professionals in industries and sectors, with the aim of developing integrated and specialized solutions that respond to them.

We bring together the organization’s most experienced experts in each area, who identify trends and indoctrinate the entire organization, allowing continuous updating and cutting edge in the solutions presented by our consultants.

We have as Skills Centers:

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