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The future of education under discussion at the Moneris Think Tank

The future of education under discussion in the first Think Tank organized by the Moneris Education Skills Center was highlighted at Eco.

The first edition of Think Tanks Moneris was dedicated to education under the motto “The future of education: globalization and new professions”.

  • With the globalization of education at the epicenter of the debate, there were several topics addressed, namely:
  • adaptability of educational establishments to the new global reality of education;
  • the growth of vocational education in Portugal and its growing importance in the training of intermediate staff;
  • the complexity of the process of equating the International Baccalaureate with the national evaluation system;
  • methodologies and concerns adopted in the educational establishment in the face of new technologies and the dangers of social networks;
  • the need for greater connection between the business world and educational establishments (secondary and university);
  • successful experiences developed in Portugal;
  • the attractiveness of Portugal having as its primary element the improvement of the levels of population development;
  • the problem of expatriates and the adequacy of the education system to their needs and cultures

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