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Information Systems

Information systems play a strategic role in organizations, representing a critical and decisive component in their business processes and increasingly being a support tool in internal processes.

Moneris has developed an Information Systems Skills Center, enabling its clients a specialized service in platform management for the integration of business processes.

a Premium Partner Primavera,
it has the certifications of, two top certifications awarded by Primavera BSS (Premium Partner and Saas Provider) that require the constant updating of our highly qualified staff.

Combining their structural knowledge of the market in its core areas with its know-how in Information Systems, helping our customers find the management solution and platforms for integrating business processes that best suits their business.

Cloud Primavera service enables global business management, from the most basic aspects of the operating and backofficearea to the most complete and advanced systems.

  • Provision of Cloud Primavera Moneris solutions;
  • Consulting on processes and business methods in Spring;
  • Sale of Spring Solution Licensing;
  • Spring solution implementation projects;
  • Assistance and support to spring solutions.

Our team

Bruno Lopes
Cláudia Borges
Barbara Pinheiro
Rodrigo Lopes
Frederico Leite

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