RH Outlook – Key measures of incentives to employment

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In this MONERIS RH OUTLOOK,we develop themes such as:

  • Partial or total dispensing scheme for social security contributions;
  • Employment Contract;
  • Contract-Generation;

With regard to the Contributory Code, changes are provided for in the context of the inclusion, protection of parenthood and in the application of an additional contribution to employers.

As regards the latter, which has a direct impact on personnel charges, the Contributory Code introduces the concept of “excessive turnover” which may represent an additional burden of up to 2% on employers with an annual weight higher than the annual indicator applicable to its sector of activity.

Although this contribution depends on the publication of a Government ordinance, employers can, from now on, assess the opportunity to apply for measures to support and encourage existing employment by converting employment contracts to term for indefinite, permanent or “effective” time.

To be achieved will be an opportunity to mitigate the applicability of that additional contribution, as well as to obtain an important financial incentive.

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