Released the 1st Think Tank Moneris

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On December 12, the launch of the Think Tank Moneris took place.

An initiative of the Moneris Competence Centers that seeks to bring together professionals and thought leaders from various sectors to be able to discuss the challenges and opportunities of each sector.

This edition took place at the Literary Guild in Lisbon. A lunch-debate promoted by the C.C. of Education under the theme “The future of education: globalization and new professions”.

In this initiative were present:

  • Dr. Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo (Executive Dir. of AEEP)
  • Dr. Carlos Vieira (Pr. of the Isg General Council and Vice-President of ANESPO)
  • Dr. Carlos Fernandes(Senior Investment Manager AICEP)
  • Dr.Pedro Dominguinhos(President Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal)
  • Dr. Sonia Centeno Lima (Mira Rio College Director)
  • Dr. Diogo Simão(IT Administrator at St. Peter’s School)
  • Dr. Sérgio Franclim (St. Peter’s Press)
  • Dr. Manuel Mexia (representation of the TASIS Group)
  • Dr. Joana Vaz-Pinto (representing the TASI Group
  • Carlos Duarte de Oliveira (Chairman Moneris)
  • Rui Pedro Almeida (CEO Moneris)
  • Ana Alhinho de S. Louro (Moneris)
  • Francisco Fernandes
  • Armando Inocentes
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