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Publication barometer Tourism 2nd semester

With the seal of our Tourism Competence Centers,this publication includes an analysis of the market and the evolution of the conjuncture, as well as its distribution in the national territory, aiming through this performance measurement to support companies and entities operating in the tourismsector.

Complementing the analysis carried out in the first six months of the year, this report aims to provide useful knowledge to the agents of the sector, whether at the level of Local Accommodation, at the level of The Hostiles, Hospitality or other means of reception.

Recognizing that we are facing a new reality in the tourism sector,we consider that the change of paradigms should stimulate new practices, new models of action and business and, therefore, the knowledge of the origin, profile and consumption pattern of tourists, whether internal or external, assumes a structuring character.

Tourism Competence Centre

Our Tourism Competence Centers allow us to proactively think about the most varied markets and their trends and challenges. We have assembled a group of experienced and skilled professionals in industries and sectors, with the aim of developing integrated and specialized solutions that respond to them.

We bring together the organization’s most experienced experts in each area, who identify trends and indoctrinate the entire organization, allowing continuous updating and cutting edge in the solutions presented by our consultants.

We have as Skills Centers:

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