“Nowadays the old economy becomes new with the use of technology”

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Carlos Oliveira, Chairman of Moneris, in an article signed by Expresso within the 30years of SME Investimentos, which addressed the theme “the challenges of the future and the evolution of the market in Portugal”.

Together with names and companies such as Rodrigo Coutinho, co-founder of Outsystem, Jorge Correia, co-founder of Bizay/360print, Gonçalo Vilaça, COO of Tonic App, Moneris through its Chairman can give its vision as a company that also has in its DNA digital transformation and technology.

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The country in which SME Investimentos is celebrating 30 years is not even that saw the government agency emerge as a way to foster dynamism in the financial sector.

It was a period that can be described as a roller coaster in perpetuo movement.

It has begun with the hope of the fall of the Berlin Wall and now lives under the threat of international instability factors such as climate threat and populist movements.

Field where Portugal seeks its global place and tries to find the best tools to position itself.

It is a story that is assumed as “a true album of notes of financial innovation applied in Portugal”, took over the Minister of Planning, Nelson Souza, in the Sophia de Mello Breyner room of the Centro Cultural de Belém, while the president of Compete2020, Jaime Andrez, you talked about a trip for 30 years.

“Nowadays the old economy is new to technology,” says Carlos Oliveira, chairman of Moneris, while Rodrigo Coutinho, co-founder of Outsystem has no doubt that the “main factor for success is undoubtedly the vision.”

In a panel that also featured Guzman Sanz (Água Castello), the CEO of Bitsight/AnubisNetworks, Francisco Fonseca, argued that innovation is the most important word.

“Almost all of our bets failed, but the two or three we hit allowed to take the next step,” he confessed.

At the event, to which Expresso joins to mark the ephemeris of the institution, Marco Fernandes, chairman of the board of directors of SME Investimentos, spoke even of the past as a bridge to “draw a path for Portuguese companies in the context European.”

Without the president of IAPMEI, Nuno Mangas, let forget the role of the institution.


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