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Moneris presents Tourism Yearbook 2018

Launched on World Tourism Day, which is scheduled on September 27, the Moneris Tourism Yearbook presents the performance of the sector in 2018, with national and regional indicators that underpin trends and strategies for the coming years.

With the seal of our Tourism Competence Centers,this publication includes an analysis of the market and the evolution of the conjuncture, as well as its distribution in the national territory, aiming through this performance measurement to support companies and entities operating in the tourism sector.

The tourism sector is the largest exporting economic activity in the country, accounting in 2018 for 51.5% of service exports and 18.6% of total exports, with tourism revenues making an 8.2% contribution in GDP Portuguese.

24.8 million guests were registered – a 3.8% increase over 2017 – of which 15.0 million foreign guestswere .

With a total of 66.1 million overnight stays in 2018 (46.5 million foreign sleepers and 19.6 million domestic sleepers), the main issuing markets for Portugal were: – United Kingdom (9.1 million)- Germany (6.2 million)- Spain (4.8 million)

The increases were also reflected in revenues,with growth of 9.6%, corresponding to EUR 16.6 billion. In this indicator, the main issuing markets for Portugal were: – United Kingdom (2.8 MM€)- France (2.7 MM€)- Spain (2.2 MM€)

In 2018, the tourism sector generated 328,500 jobs (a 6.7% weight in the national economy), representing an increase of 5,300 jobs compared to 2017.

Moneris Competence Centers proactively think about the most varied markets and their trends and challenges, with a view to developing integrated and specialized solutions that respond to them.

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