MONERIS DAILY COVID-19- Existing labour measures

In the context of the evolution of the epidemiological situation in Portugal, several risk mitigation measures have been taken, which we have briefly listed in terms of labour changes.

Situation of Calamity
Declared for the entire continental national territory until March 20, 2022.


  • Until 1 January 2022, it is recommended, throughout the continental national territory, to take up the teleworking regime in companies with workplaces with 50 or more employees, where the functions in question permit.
  • Between 2 and 9 January 2022, it is mandatory, throughout the continental national territory, to adopt the teleworking regime, regardless of the employment relationship, where the functions in question permit it and the worker has the conditions to exercise them, without the need for a written agreement between the employer and the worker.

Reorganization of work
By March 31, 2022, in entities with more than 50 employees, the employer must:

  • To organize the in-flight hours of the workplaces in a lame manner, ensuring minimum intervals of thirty minutes up to the one-hour limit between groups of workers.
  • Adopt technical and organizational measures that ensure physical distancing and protection of workers.

Use of mask / visor:
The possibility of dispensing with the use of a mask / visor was revoked when its use was impractical, and its use for access or permanence in the following places was mandatory:
(a) in the spaces and establishments of the commercial and service;
(b) in public or public buildings where services are provided or acts involving public are provided;
(c) in education, education and day care facilities;
(d) inside the concert halls, for the screening of film films or the like.

Body temperature control

  • Body temperature measurements can be performed by non-invasive means in the control of access to the workplace.
  • The prohibition of recording the body temperature associated with the person’s identity shall be maintained, unless expressly authorized by the person.
  • Access to a person who refuses body temperature measurement or has a body temperature of 38°C or more may be prevented.

Suspension of teaching and non-educational activities and formative activities
Between 2 and 9 January 2022, they are suspended in person:

  • the educational and educational activities of public, private and cooperative educational establishments and the solidarity sector, pre-school education and primary and secondary education*;
  • The activities of early childhood support of day care centers, family day care and nhims, the social support activities developed in an activity center and training for inclusion, and center of leisure activities;
  • The teaching and non-teaching activities of higher education institutions, without prejudice to the current evaluation times;
  • The training activities carried out in a face-to-face regime carried out by training entities of a public, private, cooperative or social nature.

* In such cases, the employee, the self-employed person and the worker of the convergent social protection scheme are entitled, respectively, to exceptional support to the family, in accordance with the applicable legislation.
Absences from work motivated by the suspension of school and non-school activities in a school or social equipment to support early childhood or child disability or other dependent under the age of 12, or, regardless of age, with disabilities or chronic illness, are considered justified, although without retribution.

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