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Jobshops. A week at the Academy

Moneris was in several universities and colleges this week, participating in the various Jobshops.

Moneris was in several universities and colleges this week, participating in the various Jobshops.

These jobshops are an innovative employment fairs that respond to the needs of students and their potential recruiters, promoting the debate on topics of great relevance and interaction with the labor market.

For Moneris these events are an excellent opportunity to interact with the academy, and its recent graduates promoting the moneris brand and values.

This week we were present:

If you are interested contact our human resources team or apply for a seat at Moneris,

Why Moneris?

Learn from the best.

To be a professional at Moneris is working with some of the best professionals in the industry.

It is to work large customers, in an wide variety of themes.

All this, not only in an environment of great intellectual demand, but also of strong team spirit and relaxation, where human relations and solidarity among all who are part of Moneris are privileged.

Have a challenging career

Moneris’ structure and organization allows to be exposed to a series of of unique stimuli and challenges that allow a career progression flooded horizons, sustained in merit and ambition.

We have offices from north to south of the country that allow mobility social growth, as well as a structure of car progression motivating and rewarding.

Living a Moneris culture

We know how important it is to work in a quiet and collaborative environment that contributes to everyone’s well-being.

We invest in the passage of our values, in interpersonal relationships between colleagues and coordinators and value the balance between professional life and personal life.

We are looking for people who, in addition to having excellent knowledge technicians and theorists, also have the ability to create empathy and relate well to others and to work as a team.

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