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Our specialized team has in its DNA a vocation to monitor build up processes, being able to help companies and entrepreneurs identify, evaluate and measure potential target companies, through criteria, objectives and requirements properly Defined.

On the other hand, if you wish to consider selling or opening capital to other investors, the Moneris team will be at your side to maximize your return by identifying and resolving any problems before putting your company or business in the market, valuing its assets from potential investors.

Our broad national presence, coupled with integration into one of the world’s largest associations of audit, accounting and legal services – the MSI Global Alliance – allows us to quickly and effectively identify target companies or investors to a specific transaction in more than 100 countries worldwide.

We are aware that each transaction is unique, in its characteristics, interlocutors and objectives, but there are a set of challenges that are common to all mergers and acquisitions processes where we can be very relevant.

We treat mergers & acquisitions processes as if they were ours, because we know from experience the needs that managers and shareholders have in processes of this kind.

Our knowledge, combined with the way we engage with shareholders and management teams, is the key to our success and effectiveness in the merger and acquisition processes.

We track the entire cycle of a transaction

Strategy, New Year

  • We identify the objectives and motivations inherent in the F&A process, ensuring the quantification of expected value drivers and deliverables in order to align the company’s F&A strategy with its business strategy.
  • Our approach allows us to ensure the maximization of shareholder value or return to the investor, in each process and/or transaction.
  • We define the guidelines for the planning and conduct of the process based on the size of the business and the sophistication of the actors, so it is crucial to correctly measure the characteristics and involvement of the transaction at this initial stage.
  • We identify entities to approach and prepare a blind profile to arouse interest in the transaction by providing information with complete confidentiality.


  • We ensure the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) at a time prior to the submission of any information that exposes the investor in order to ensure the necessary reservation of stakeholders and business protection.
  • With the preparation of the investment capture dossier, we provide the investor with an enlarged amount of information.
  • We support all the negotiation of adjustment mechanisms and the revision of the Share Purchase Agreement, safeguarding the interests of the buyer/seller.

Due Diligence

  • Buy-side due diligence – We support buyers in identifying and understanding the tax risks to which the target is exposed, so that adequate guarantees are required to address the risks to which the company is exposed. We improve the buyer’s understanding of the target, allowing the possibility of making a more appropriate offer.
  • Vendor due diligence – We guarantee the management team of sellers the timely provision of information on the risks to which it is exposed, so that possible corrective action is taken, providing sellers with greater control over the process and timing of sales.


  • We advise our clients on negotiation, review of purchase and sale contracts and in structuring the acquisition / sale.
  • We support the structuring and organization of the best financing solution, working together with banking, venture capital or venture capital companies, private equity funds, business angels networks, thus meeting the requirements of each Transaction.
  • We assist in structuring the operation, determining the immediate and long-term tax impact of the transaction and creating tax efficiencies in the business.

Post Deal Integration

  • At this stage, we support the structuring of reorganization operations, the implementation of fiscal structures and the structuring of divestment.
  • We guarantee smoothness and stability during the transition period, focusing on the main integration success factors.
  • We develop action plans that ensure the integration of the target into the outlined procedures and monitor the implementation of the target.




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