A wise man is strong.

We believe that human capital is the most important resource of an organization. Maintaining a high degree of motivation and training of human resources and its constant updating is therefore a key factor for your organization to remain competitive and to follow technical and behavioral best practices and trends.

Our deep knowledge of the Portuguese business fabric and, above all, the constant adaptation of our offer to market needs make Moneris Academy a reference partner in training, with a wide range of trainers with a strong technical specialization and pedagogical aptitude.

We actively respond to the formative needs of the market, presenting relevant content for the development of companies and businesses and promoting the specialization of their employees, in materials designed according to the needs specific to each company.

We have a wide range of trainers with CCP – Certificate of Pedagogical Skills who, in addition to experienced technicians and professionals, have certified pedagogical aptitude, in order to ensure the effective understanding of the themes by the Trainees.

For greater effectiveness, we have promoted the specialization of our professionals in a broad set of subjects, concentrated in the areas of:

  • Management and Administration;
  • Finance, Accounting and Taxation;
  • Commercial and Marketing;
  • Leadership and Management;
  • Human Resources;
  • Information Technologies;
  • Privacy and Data Protection;
  • Among others.


We develop formative activity according to the best quality parameters, also allowing clients to integrate the training provided under the respective obligation of the Labour Law, so Moneris Academy is now an entity certified by DGERT - Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations, in the areas: Finance, Banking and Insurance; Accounting and Taxation; Management and Administration; Commercial Marketing; Computer. Moneris Academy is also recognized by the largest Portuguese professional order - the Order of Certified Accountants (OCC).

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