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First edition of the Agriculture Yearbook

A publication that presents the performance of the sector in 2018, with the analysis of the main national and regional indicators that support trends and strategies for the coming years.

With the seal of the C.C. of Agriculture, this publication aims to be a reference tool in the sector, used by managers, investors and entrepreneurs for strategic decision making.

In this specialized publication, we also have the testimonies of some of the main agents in the sector, which analyze the themes such as:

  • New PAC;
  • Agriculture 4.0;
  • Internationalization;
  • trends in the plant, animal, forestry and agro-industrial sectors.


Throughout 2018, the national agricultural sector continued to prove its potential and development, albeit limited by adverse weather conditions, namely an extremely hot and dry autumn and a dry and cold winter, highlighting in this cereals, which increased their production by 8.5% compared to the same period.

Also according to the results of this yearbook, the 2017/2018 agricultural campaign will have been marked by the decrease in the main agricultural areas cultivated with temporary crops and widespread production breaks.

The balance, however, was a nominal growth in agricultural production, as a result of an increase in base prices by about 2.1%, as noted by Rui Almeida, CEO Moneris, and João Gomes, responsible for the Competence Center for Agriculture.

These professionals consider that “the sector continues to face pressing challenges, in particular, at the level of production, where the scarcity of labor, the weather conditions allied to thematic environmental and sustainability that enhance and condition production factors, need an intervention by technicians redefining future strategies and designing the technological and research needs in order to provide response to market needs.”

How can Moneris help?

We see Agriculture as a comprehensive sector, considering that it is part not only of traditional agricultural activities (cultivation, livestock and forest), but also those related to fisheries and agroindustry.

We work the entire value chain, from research and innovation, to the available funding channels.

Services and solutions for the agricultural sector present an integrated view of the current challenges and opportunities of the sector, with a value proposition oriented to:

  • Improve the quality of information in support of management;
  • Allow the focus on the business area, with specialized support for agricultural management;
  • Maximize operational profitability;
  • Optimize and adequately frame the fiscal structuring of the activity;
  • Manage business risks;
  • Facilitating access to financing solutions.
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