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Executive Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management

The Financial Accounting Module of the Executive Master in Tourism Management of ISMAT will have moneris’s seal.

Financial Accounting Module boosted by Moneris on February 4, the Executive Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management will begin in the ISMAT,in the Algarve, a 184-hour program focused on strategic planning and analysis, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills and fundamental knowledge of industry and business.

The Financial Accounting module will be provided by Rui Pedro Almeida, CEO and Administrator of Moneris, which will bring participants much of their experience in Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Finance , Accounting and Risk, Compliance and Performance Improvement.

Moneris has an enormous affinity with the Tourism Sector, having developed a dedicated Competence Center, which strategically thinks about this sector, accompanying hundreds of customers of hospitality, local accommodation, restaurants, travel agencies, leisure activities, among others.

Registration is open until January 25, via link: applications To learn more: click here

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