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The Tourism Sector is currently one of the main drivers of economic activity. It assumes such an important socio-economic role that it contributes to the development of the country with the need to enhance infrastructure, support services, heritage recovery and nature preservation.

It is characterized by enormous challenges as well as by numerous opportunities. It is very dependent on innovation, creativity and the ability to generate value propositions that attract tourists.

The growth of tourism and the challenges facing the sector, at the financial, technological, legal, informative and competitive level, led us to bring together a team of experts giving rise to moneris’s Tourism Skills Centre. We intend to be a business partner with a range of 360º because we share the objectives and challenges that companies face and assist in the government of society through the elaboration, analysis and interpretation of financial reporting as well as the study of sustainability and feasibility of the activity.

How can we help?

Positioning itself in the market as a leader in the provision of accounting services, consultancy and management support, Moneris differentiates itself by its specialization and professionalization in various sectors of activity.

With more than 4,000 customers ranging from Micro Enterprises and SMEs, also through large national and international companies, at Moneris we have a close relationship with numerous companies in the Tourism sector, to which we dedicate a set of services and solutions aimed at your specific needs.

We proactively think about the needs of our customers and the market, having therefore brought together a set of experienced and specialized professionals in the Tourism sector, with the aim of providing our customers with integrated solutions and maximize their performance and help them achieve their goals.

With the creation of the Tourism Skills Center, we have brought together a set of experienced and specialized professionals in the sector, with the objective of providing our customers with the integrated and specialized solutions that maximize their performance and help them achieving their goals.

Our services

Moneris’s Tourism Skills Centre has developed a model to support industry-specific management, which supports managers and market agents, for conscious and enlightened decision-making:

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Tax Advisory
  • Human Resources Management and Wage Processing
  • Preparation of Applications for Support and Incentives
  • Preparation of the Business Plan
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Training
  • Insurance Management
  • Perspectives/ Barometer

Our team

Carlos Rosa
Armando Inocentes
Henry Ferreirinha
Rita Soares
Rui Almeida

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