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Social sector

The Social Economy, due to its special context, presents challenges of various order, in its most varied frameworks, whether in the scope of management, legal or fiscal.

With full awareness of the contingencies and specificities facing the entities that integrate this universe, Moneris has developed a Specialized Skills Center in the Social Sector, which not only gives answers to the challenges of the sector, but also thinks of strategic way for the development of the Social Economy.

How can we help?

Positioning itself in the market as a leader in the provision of accounting services, consultancy and management support, Moneris differentiates itself by its specialization and professionalization in various sectors of activity.

With more than 4,000 customers from small businesses to associations, also through large national and international companies, we have a significant portfolio of companies in the sector, to which we dedicate a set of services and solutions and directed to their specific needs.

Our services

Through our know-how and experience in the sector, we offer our customers an integrated solution of specialized consultancy services:

  • Support in optimizing the activities of institutions
  • Management and analytical accounting
  • Human resources management
  • Support in the development of development projects
  • Specialized and personalized monitoring and consulting
  • Support for budgeting and reporting to Official Entities
  • Support in the preparation of accounting based on the cash regime and completion of mandatory maps
  • Support in compliance with specific tax obligations to micro and small entities
  • Monitoring and specialized consulting

Our team

Armando Inocentes
António Ferro
Domingos Nascimento
Pedro Neto
Rita Soares
Nuno Gomes

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