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Education is one of the essential pillars of individual, social and economic development. It determines not only individual opportunities, but above all business growth and the productivity of the economy.

It is no coincidence that countries with the highest level of development are also those that guarantee higher rates of school success, higher number of graduates and doctorates, and high levels of investment and innovation in Education.

The Education sector has developed enormous complexity, brought not only by increasing regulation, but mainly due to the constant financial pressures. There is currently a growing need to demonstrate results, provide responsibility for investments, increase the level of access and improve operational efficiency.

Over the years, substantial changes have been implemented in the sector that require the specialized monitoring of consultants who can guide policy makers in the required rules and responsibilities and ensure the strengthening of the financial situation of the Institution.

To meet the needs and requirements of a sector with numerous specificities, Moneris has developed an Education Skills Centre, which brings together a wide range of experienced and specialized professionals in the sector, with integrated solutions that from the design of the strategy to be adopted to the implementation and analysis of the results.

At Moneris we see Education as a comprehensive and constantly evolving sector, while not only participating in traditional educational activities, but also those related to culture, sport and research. We work the entire value chain, from public and private educational institutions, non-profit institutions and foundations, to upstream and downstream industry, including publishers, technology and consumer products.

How can we help?

Our Education Skills Centre is prepared to keep up with the challenges facing the sector, particularly in terms of competitiveness between educational establishments, innovation in the methodologies adopted, the qualification of teachers and not partnerships with the business world and transactions carried out.

Our expert consultants have a comprehensive perspective on Education, working on resetting student experience and outcomes, achieving, institutional performance and impact, organizational and operational efficiency, risk management, the implications of new technologies and digital, analysis and transformation of statistical data, expansion to new markets or in the consolidation and sustainability of the institution.

At Moneris’ Education Skills Center, we developed a model of support for specific management for the sector, which serves as support to managers and market agents, for conscious and informed decision-making.

Our services

We provide you, through our specialized professionals, a range of management support solutions that maximize your performance and help you achieve your goals, from strategy to implementation:

  • Financial accounting and Reporting;
  • Analytical Accounting and Cost Centers, according to the specified of each institution;
  • Tax advisory;
  • Budget management and control;
  • Integrated Management of Human Resources;
  • Processing of salaries, according to the General Retirement And General Regime Scheme Scheme;
  • Development of educational projects in complementary areas such as Economic and Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, among others;
  • Financing and applications for Community funds;
  • Business plans;
  • National and international analyses and rankings;
  • Assessments and Due Diligence;
  • National and international mergers and acquisitions;
  • Risk management and transfer through protocol insurance;
  • Application of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Our team

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Ana Louro
Henry Ferreirinha

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