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The primary sector, in which we include the segments of agriculture, livestock and forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, and agroindustry, contributes decisively to the dynamization of the Portuguese economy at various levels.

The growth of this sector is based on the vectors of innovation, distribution and commercialization channels, industrialization of production and internationalization. These axes of action have motivated a consolidated interest with the entry of new entrepreneurs and the constant modernization of the installed agents.

The agricultural sector comprises about 35000 companies, of which 85% are micro-enterprises and 15% SMES.

This is a sector with very specific characteristics and needs, which has undergone a continuous adaptation to new practices, new markets, new concepts and new paradigms, forcing industry agents to seek a continuous improvement of processes Production and implementing new solutions.

To meet the demands of a constantly evolving sector, Moneris has developed a competence center for agriculture, which brings together a wide range of experienced and specialized professionals in the sector, with integrated solutions that potentiates and Maximize the performance of our customers.

How can we help?

At Moneris we see agriculture as a comprehensive sector, considering that it includes not only traditional agricultural activities (cultivation, livestock and forest), but also those related to fisheries and agro-industry. We work the entire value chain, from research and innovation, to the available funding channels.

Moneris Services and solutions for the agricultural sector present an integrated vision of the industry’s current challenges and opportunities, with a value proposition geared to:

  • Improve the quality of information in support of management;
  • Allow the focus on the business area, with specialized support for agricultural management;
  • Maximize operational profitability;
  • Optimize and adequately frame the fiscal structuring of the activity;
  • Manage business risks;
  • Facilitating access to financing solutions.

Our services
To keep up with the growing challenges of the industry, our team of consultants has a comprehensive understanding of their dynamics, processes and decision-makers, and has developed a set of solutions to support 360 management:

  • Financial accounting and Reporting;
  • Analytical Accounting and cost centers;
  • Tax advisory;
  • Budget management and control;
  • Stock management and process organization;
  • Wage processing and integrated human resources management;
  • Financing and applications for agricultural and forestry projects;
  • Business plans;
  • Assessments and Due Diligence;
  • National and international mergers and acquisitions;
  • Risk management and transfer through protocol insurance;
  • Study of target markets for internationalization;
  • Risk management and transfer through protocol insurance;
  • Tailor-made training in complementary areas such as economic and financial literacy, entrepreneurship, project Management, among others.

Our team

João Gomes
Cecília Gaspar
João Nunes
Teresa Lemos

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