E-invoicing: a step forward towards digitisation

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E-invoicing comes as a legal obligation, but it is also an opportunity for modernization, resource optimisation and a step forward towards digitisation. Mandatory certification from 1 January 2023

But what is electronic invoicing anyway?

It is a tax document whose life cycle is entirely digital. It can start from a total dematerialization of the invoice (EDI Interface), in which documents, following a structured format, are transferred and / or digitally imported between entities – this system is already used by large companies and has become mandatory in sales relations with public entities since July 1 this year.

On the other hand, they can be generated to an electronic format, usually in PDF format, and sent by email, or placed in a digital repository where recipients can access to download or consult them.

The certification of these documents is born with the aim of simplifying the commercial relations between entities, while ensuring the authenticity of the documents. In the case of invoices generated for electronic form, the certification requirement was extended to 1 January 2023.

Companies should therefore adapt their billing it systems and conclude protocols with duly accredited entities, as certificates and signature packages will be required to confirm the authenticity of the documents.

What are the advantages of adhering to e-invoicing?

The addition to electronic invoicing ensures greater agility and reliability in the billing process, allows to reduce payment terms, operating costs and transaction costs. It also makes it possible to eliminate manual processes, improve document management and also contribute to sustainable resource management.

How can Moneris help?

More than ever, information technologies play a strategic role in organizations, representing a critical and decisive component in their business and sustainability processes. The digital transition is also one of the major challenges for organizations, and electronic invoicing for many companies can be one of the first steps.

Moneris Innovation Lab has a team focused on innovative technology solutions and products that respond to your company’s growth needs and accompany you in the growing digitization of your business.

Talk to our team and bet on the automation, efficiency and dematerialization of your processes and business.

Luis Laurel
| Moneris Innovation Lab


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