Banking Context Contactless payments up to 50 euros Given the evolution of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and at a time when "contactless" payments are encouraged
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Banking Context

  • Contactless contactless payments up to 50 euros

Given the evolution of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and at a time when “contactless” payments are encouraged, the national banking system, in conjunction with Banco de Portugal and SIBS, decided to increase the maximum amount to make payments with technology contactless, i.e. no need to enter the PIN.

Thus, consumers can already use contactless technology to make face-to-face payments of up to €50, up from the current €20, and banks will progressively make this change.

Support and Incentive context

Extraordinary measures in the agricultural sector:

PDR2020 (Press Release)

  • The physical and financial implementation deadlines of the projects, whose deadline for the end of the investment occurs between March 1 and June 15, 2020, will be automatically extended by three months;
  • Interim payments are allowed to be submitted with the phaseout of the submission of the expenditure and its reimbursement;
  • The deadlines for submission of applications, in the context of current announcements, the setting of which is the competence of the Manager of the PDR 2020, are extended by 30 (thirty) days.

Capitalize Line – Covid-19 (Link)

  • The Agri-Food Sector Has Access to the Capitalize 2018 Credit Line | COVID-19 to meet the needs of working and cash funds;
  • The credit operations granted in this context benefit from a guarantee of up to 80 of the outstanding capital, and the guarantee commission is fully subsidized.

How can Moneris help?

Our vast and multidisciplinary team of professionals, which operates in the most different areas of management, promotes a holistic approach in responding to this extraordinary situation, both in crisis management and strategic redefinition, in the information of support for the taking decision-making, minimising its tax and labour effects, optimising national and European support and incentives, as well as relaunching the activity after the critical period.

Our mission has always been to support our customers, create value and exceed their expectations. In this time of greatest difficulty, we are even more committed to helping us to overcome this challenging moment together.

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