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Responding to the impacts of COVID-19 in Portugal

The COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, causing a huge impact on the lives of people, families, businesses and communities.

As the national and international response continues to develop, we know that organizations and companies face a number of significant questions and challenges that they need to respond to quickly.

This channel, wants customers, entrepreneurs and managers to be informed, about updates and tools that the government and other institutions can provide to meet this challenge.

This information is conveyed by Moneris working groups such as the Technical Committees, Competence Centres and other teams of specialists that we have within the organization and aims to present as objective a response as possible to these moments of uncertainty .

Daily COVID-19: latest updates


Apoios ao emprego Em 2020, ainda numa fase embrionária da pandemia, a criação do apoio à manutenção dos contratos de trabalho ( “lay-off simplificado”, v1) foi fundamental para responder a um



This week, with the end of the state of emergency and the activation of the state of calamity, restrictions imposed on the economy and citizens to prevent the spread of COVID-19 began to be lifted.


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Meet our Crisis Management team

In this time of doubt and uncertainty, it is essential to develop diagnoses and correct planning,
so that companies and organizations can adequately manage the risks inherent to their performance in the market, making the best decisions, focusing on the essentials: adaptation and success.
We have assembled a multidisciplinary team, specialized in crisis management, that supports companies and organizations in responding to current challenges.
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Anna Henriques
Corporate Finance Consultant - Support & Incentives
Bruno Lopes
IT Manager and Coordinator of the Competence Center in Information Systems
Francisco Fernandes
Human Resources Partner and Coordinator of the Technical Labor Committee
João Gomes
Corporate Finance Partner and Técn Committee Coordinator
Jorge Pires
Accounting and Reporting Partner and Coordinator of the Technical Fiscal Committee
Pedro Neto
Partner of Corporate Finance and Moneris Academy
Teresa Lemos
Risk & Compliance Assistant Manager
Rui Pedro Almeida
Managing Partner of moneris group
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