How to help companies in pandemic time?

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Rui Almeida, CEO and Managing Partner of Moneris, signs 2 articles in the special of jornal Económico, “Challenges of Consulting”

How to help companies in times of pandemic?

The pandemic introduced strong changes in the day-to-day life of companies and consultants had to adapt to the needs of their customers, with increasing importance of remote work. This trend continues to feel in 2021 and, according to the heads of the sector heard by the Economic Journal, consultants will not only have to manage different time, but also change the way they communicate with their customers.
Time matters and to meet the needs of companies the consultants had to adjust schedules. “Adaptability and flexibility are core and fundamental skills, because the consultant and client are in a remote work situation and misaligned with their practice and regular experience”, stressed the CEO of Moneris, Rui Pedro Almeida.
Moneris provides services in the area of management and accounting.
“These competencies are in line with the need to use more fluid working hours, which will also allow our employees to monitor their families,” said Rui Almeida.
Rui Pedro Almeida says that it is common for its employees to transmit to companies “that digital proficiency, namely the use of technological tools”, is an added value for the business.
Thus, “Moneris has implemented several collaborative tools that allow narrowing of distances with customers”, said Rui Pedro Almeida, adding that it was in this sense that his consultant developed an application to better communicate with companies.

Forum: 2021. Helping businesses survive and thrive on uncertainty

First it relates to the pes-soas and the ability to attract and retain the best talents in the profession. With the rapid evolution of technology, working methods and the generation of remote work, instigated from the outset by the pandemic, it became urgent to attract resources with higher levels of technological literacy. On the other hand, technology, called Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation (RPAs), will have a growing impact on financial advice, particularly with regard to accounting monitoring, reporting and tax compliance, and wage processing activities. Given the scarcity of resources available in the accounting and consulting market, as well as the cres-cente competition for talent, process automation has become essential to support the growth and profitability of consultants working in this area. People and technology present themselves as well as two fundamental challenges that will dictate the success of consulting companies. People who are innocent with technology and technology that improve the productivity and quality of work produced by people are part of an equation that will stop them from undermining the sustainability of consul-toras and their future as agents of innovation.

Rui Pedro Almeida

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