The period for applications for the financing lines of the new "+CO3SO Employment" programme is underway to support job creation across the country.
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The period for submitting applications for the financing lines of the new“+CO3SO Emprego”programme is underway to support job creation across the country.

+CO3SO Employment is operated by the following modalities:

  • +CO3SO Interior Employment;
  • +CO3SO Urban Employment;
  • +CO3SO Employment Social Entrepreneurship.

This support, allocated over 36 months in the form of a non-reimbursable grant (in the lost amount), fully reimburses (the 100) direct costs of the jobs created (salaries and social security contributions borne by the employer), as well as an additional 40 on those same costs.

The funding is available for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and for Social Economy Entities such as Private Social Solidarity Institutions, Associations and Foundations, Cooperatives, Mutual associations, Mercies, among others.

The creation of the following jobs are eligible for +CO3SO Employment:

  • Creation of one’s own full-time and paid job;
  • Creation of jobs for unemployed people enrolled for at least six months at the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training, I. P. (IEFP, I. P.);
  • creation of jobs for unemployed persons enrolled for at least two months in the IEFP, I.P., in the case of persons aged 29 years or less or aged 45 years or older;
  • Creation of jobs for unemployed people enrolled in the IEFP, I. P., regardless of registration time, for people with special conditions (beneficiaries of social income of insertion, victims of domestic violence, refugees, people who integrate single-parent families, homeless people, among others)
  • Creation of jobs for recipients with level 5, 6, 7 or 8 qualifications of the National Qualifications Framework, inactive or unemployed and residing in territories not classified as Territories of the Interior, stimulating the geographical mobility of workers (applicable only to +COESO Interior Employment)
  • Creation of jobs for persons who do not have social security records as employees, or as self-employed in the 6 months prior to employment.

CO3SO Program

+CO3SO (COnstituir, COncretizar and COnsolidar Synergies and Opportunities)is a set of cross-cutting and multisectoral programs dedicated to companies, social economy entities and entities of the scientific and technological system.

It aims to create conditions for the social and economic development of the territories, with the promotion of qualified employment and innovation and technology transfer. It provides notices with budgets dedicated to the interior of the country, adapted to the specific needs of these territories. As a whole and in this first phase, +CO3SO will provide a budget of EUR 426 million, with an estimated impact of EUR 665 million of investment and the direct creation of around 4,200 jobs.

Ask our consultants for +CO3SO’s complementary programs

How can Moneris help?

In the Corporate Finance area of Moneris we maintain a special focus on Community Incentives, with a specialized team that has already accompanied numerous companies in their applications for structural funds, with an approval rate of 91%.

In addition to the application process, our team is also present throughout the project implementation period, in order to ensure the maximization of the co-financing to be obtained.

In this final stretch of the Community framework, with increasingly reduced appropriations, it is crucial for the success of the application to prepare projects in a timely manner.

Contact us for more information for the email incentivos@moneris.pt. We frame your project without compromise.

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