Business R&D – Individual Operations for SMEs

Calls are open for the Research and Development Incentive Scheme (Individual Operations) for SMEs and small-mid caps (Small Mid Caps) in all regions of mainland Portugal.

Operations that integrate industrial research and experimental development activities, leading to the creation of new products, processes or services, or the introduction of significant improvements to existing ones, are likely to be supported.

Applications are open, and the analysis and decision is carried out in stages. Until 31 January 2024, only applicants who have registered their aid application through Notice No. 01/RPA/2022 will be analysed.

Until December 30, 2024, there will be 3 more phases of analysis and decision, for all applications.

Financing rate up to 80%

The financing rate can go up to a maximum of 80%, with the exception of investments in NUTS II LISBON, where the maximum rate is 40%.

Eligible expenditure

  • Costs with the beneficiary’s technical staff dedicated to R&D activities and salary costs for hiring human resources, including teleworking;
  • Raw materials and consumable materials;
  • Acquisition of services from third parties, including technical, scientific and consulting assistance;
  • Acquisition of scientific and technical instruments and equipment;
  • Acquisition of specific software for the project;
  • Expenses with the promotion and dissemination of results;
  • Trips and stays abroad directly attributable to the project;
  • Expenses with the certification process of the certified research, development and innovation management system;
  • Expenses with the intervention of a technical-scientific auditor;
  • Acquisition of patents;
  • ROC/CC Expenses;
  • Overhead.

The costs of operations will be exclusively financed through the simplified costs methodology, recently approved by CIC Portugal 2030 Resolution, in the form of Unit Costs (unit cost per FTE – full-time equivalent).

How can Moneris help?

In the Corporate Finance area of Moneris, we maintain a special focus on Community Incentives, with a specialized team that accompanies numerous companies in their applications for structural funds, with a high approval rate.

Count on Moneris’ Support & Incentives team to support you throughout the application process and project follow-up, in order to ensure that you maximize the funding to be obtained.

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