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In the middle of a state of emergency, which promises to be extended for a few more weeks, there are many extraordinary measures to support businesses and families: some new, some recast and with new rules of application.

In this context of constant change, in which concrete and useful information is sometimes difficult to find, we resume dearly, created in March 2020, during the first mandatory confinement, with agile and systematized information for four major areas:

  • Labour
  • Tax
  • Management
  • Support and Incentives

We are indeed going through a time of great challenges and numerous threats, which has to be managed very cautiously, but firmly, using the various initiatives and aid that the Portuguese State and the European Union continue to make available, without neglecting the definition and redefinition of the strategy, positioning and adaptation of companies, key themes for their resilience and even survival.

How can Moneris help?

Our Crisis Management team, in addition to the support of your usual Moneris manager, is available to analyze with you the measures in force, ensuring a holistic performance in the areas of taxation, labor, financial, technological and support and incentives, with the commitment to ensure the best solutions, adapted to the context of each sector and each company.

It remains essential to continuously evaluate the state of the art, plan and adapt the activity in the short and medium term, resort to extraordinary incentives and measures, adjust business plans, treasury plans, business plans and restructure the company’s strategy.

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