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Approved minimum wage rise

The Council of Ministers, meeting on Thursday, approved the update of the value of the Minimum Monthly Guaranteed Retribution (RMMG), commonly called national minimum wage, for EUR 635, with entry into force on 1 January 2020..

According to the Government, it is estimated that the update of this amount, from EUR 600 in 2019 to EUR 635 in 2020 (another EUR 35 than in 2019 will cover around 720,000 workers.

The increase in the national minimum wage, which is currently from EUR 600, to EUR 635 in 2020 was approved in the Council of Ministers last week, as the Government estimates that it could cover 720,000 workers.

In the statement issued after the Council of Ministers, the executive recalls that:

“THE XXII Government has signed in its programme the objective of deepening, the path of real updating of the national minimum wage, in a phased way, evolving each year to reach 750 euros in 2023”.

Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Retribution(RMMG)is the base framework for calculating, for example, the value of contributions to cpas, so contributions from lawyers and solicitors to their social protection will increase by 2020.

In the autonomous regions the Minimum Monthly Guaranteed Remuneration will be 666.75 in the Azores, and for the Region of MAdeira it is still awaiting the fixation of the same.

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Decree-Law No. 167/2019

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