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Moneris APP

Moneris APP is a new application, unique in the context of consulting in Portugal, which allows its users, in a dematerialized and real-time way, to manage the payment of taxes and contributory obligations of one or more companies.

In addition, users of this Moneris App can also have access to tax alerts, the updated tax calendar, a salary simulator, the most relevant management news, updated daily and also a direct and agile contact feature with the reference Moneris team.

The Moneris App can be installed from Google Play (for Androids) or App Store (for iOS) and is completely free, with all features available to Moneris customers.


In this area, Moneris offers updated news, sorted by categories. The categories displayed are dependent on the settings enabled in the user profile if you are a registered user. In the case of an unregistered user, all news will be shown.

Fiscal Calendar

The fiscal calendar publishes the main dates for compliance with the declarative obligations. These dates are informative, and they may change according to framework or exceptions, and Moneris cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of updating the information in a timely manner. Failure to comply with the aforementioned deadlines does not confer any responsibility on Moneris.

Tax Alerts

In this field, the deadlines for the payment of the main taxes arising from the existing reporting periods are available. After the payment deadline, the alert will no longer appear. Failure to comply with the aforementioned deadlines does not confer any responsibility on Moneris.

Payment Taxes

This option aims to create a personalized communication channel between Moneris and its customers, where some of the main taxes that are delivered by Moneris on behalf of the client, during their contractual relationship, will be referenced. The taxes initially included in this functionality will be Social Security and Withholding dependent work, arising from the wage processing operations carried out by Moneris. Gradually, new taxes will be added, and this communication will be carried out through the usual channels and the APP. Failure to comply with the payment period may never be attributed to Moneris.

Meet Team

This option provides information about the Moneris team that closely monitors each client, namely the Client Manager, the Certified Accountant and the HR Consultant. Through this option, the APP user can send an email directly to the identified team members.

Payment Services

This option aims to inform about the open amounts in the current accounts of the company(s) towards Moneris. Here you can see a list with some level of detail about the open documents. This information is updated periodically, and there may be a delay in viewing the information corresponding to the synchronization between the internal system and the APP.

Salaries Simulator

This option allows, in a simplified way, to make a simulation of an employee's salary, applying the existing tax calculation rules, as well as a set of assumptions indicated in the simulator. The result is informative, not linking Moneris to any responsibility for the simulated scenario.


Notifications are messages shown to the APP user with relevant information and alerts about Pag. services and Pag. tax returns. Whenever you access the APP and the situation you notify yourself about is valid, the notification will be shown.


To access the authenticated area, the user will have to register with the APP. This registration is not automatic, as only validated Moneris clients will be able to access the reserved area.


In this option are the personal data of the active user, as well as the possibility to validate which companies have access. It is in this field that you also have the possibility to configure the categories of information (news) to which you want to access. Only those that are selected will be considered for loading the news list.

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