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Accounting Normalization for Microentities

The Accounting Standardization System (CNS) entered into force on January 1, 2010, applying to the generality of Portuguese companies.

The new accounting regulation, based on the international accounting standards of the IASB, began by differentiating small entities (PE) from other entities subject to full application of accounting and financial reporting standards (NCRF), allowing them to opt for the accounting standard for financial reporting for small entities (NCRF-PE).

In this book, the various legal diplomas related to the new accounting standardization regime for microentities (NCM) are analyzed, using schemes and illustrations that facilitate their framework.

In addition, through the presentation of practical cases inspired by the accounting reality of these companies, the reader is given the relevant guidelines to implement the new accounting model, evidencing, where necessary, the differences in relation to the small entity regime.

This manual provides an accessible analysis, essentially constituting a practical guide for accounting professionals, while allowing teachers and students a better understanding of these subjects. This work contains:

  • Accounting standardisation scheme for microentities (NCM)
  • Accounting procedures for the financial year 2010
  • Simplified financial statement models with practical application
  • New account code for microentities
  • Accounting standard for microentities (NC-ME)
  • Comparison of NC-ME with NCRF-PE
  • 50 Practical cases solved with microentity illustrations
  • Micro-entity tax framework

Edit date: November 2011

Authors: João Gomes and Jorge Pires, Business Unit Managing Partners Moneris

About the authors:

The great experience and knowledge of the authors in the Accounting area allows them to present and discuss the applicability of NCFR, using schemes and illustrations to facilitate their understanding.

João Gomes, graduated in Business Management from ISLA, master’s degree in Management with specialization in Finance from the University of Évora.

Specialization in Taxation from the Faculty of Business Economic Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University.

Jorge Pires, graduated in Management Informatics and Business Management from ISLA, master’s degree in Management with specialization in Finance from the University of Évora.

Trainee Member of the Order of Statutory Auditors.

Both authors are Official Accountants and senior management of Moneris, where they have been working since 1987, being part of their Accounting and Tax Technical Committees.

They are also trainers in materials related to IAS/IFRS and NCRF.

Consult the digest: normalização_contabilistica_microentidades

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